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Impact investments rely heavily upon the company in which the investment is placed. The company must be able to create a product or service while also creating comfortable working conditions for employees, remaining conscious of the environment and holding ethics and transparency in high regard. Impact investments make a difference in the world, while also making a profit for you, the investor.

The belief that social and environmental issues can only be solved with donations from philanthropic organizations or by government policies is an outdated mentality. Today, impact investing allows investors to address social issues while achieving successful returns. Impact investments have brought a wave of change.

Sustainable Investing is Possible

It is now possible to invest in companies that strive to produce social and environmental change without sacrificing your return on investment. This type of investing doesn’t mean performance will suffer. In fact, companies that have adopted environmental and social policies have notably performed better than corporations that have not taken these steps. Impact investments differ from other types of investments, because there is an expected social goal.

The Community is Growing

The community of impact investors is growing and encompasses a very diverse group. From private foundations to individuals, these investors have made the decision to put their money into businesses that are positively impacting the environment and community. According to the 2018 annual survey by the Global Impact Investment Network (GIIN), it is estimated that over $447 billion in impact assets, and $35.5 billion of new commitments were made to impact investments in 2017.

Peace of Mind Regarding Your Investments

Today, you can choose to invest in companies that share your same social values and environmental goals. However, how do you know for sure that your values and goals align? A screening process evaluates the standards of each company, which can then be compiled for investment funds. There are specific guidelines that must be met in order to be an impact investment—from enterprise impact to investment impact to nonmonetary impact. These criteria ensure that companies stay true to their environmental and social plan of action. Therefore, you have peace of mind regarding your portfolio and the companies in which you have entrusted your money.

We Will Help You Make an Impact

Falcons Rock Impact Investments is not the typical, or traditional, investment firm. We share your values and put attention and care into our investment portfolios. Through our convenient online platform, you can make an impact and profit for good. View Our Projects for actual examples of impact investments.