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We’re all humans that live on the same planet: everything about the environment, good or bad, is going to come back to us sooner or later. Being an advocate for green causes can seem like an uphill battle sometimes, especially because the effects of what we do are so far-reaching and there’s very little immediate progress from the measures we take. So, what good are investments in eco-friendly stocks and green mutual funds doing?

They’re doing a lot for investors and the planet alike. Here are some of the benefits that go along with being environmentally-conscious in your investment portfolio. Keep in mind that these are benefits that the world will see: Falcons Rock Impact Investments can help you invest in a way that could benefit your bottom line as well.

Taking Action on Climate Change

What does it mean to take action on climate change? It means that businesses are held accountable for doing the things that they say they’re doing. In doing so, organizations manage their operational risks and make sure that their reputation stays good: when companies are open about what they do and vote according to their stated beliefs, it builds trust and sets a standard for others to rise to.

Action on climate change is also good for job creation and revenue. There are opportunities to be seized in climate change regulation and plenty of demand to meet. New technologies will need to be developed and new jobs created. Providing these outlets will allow more people to have sustainable incomes and contribute meaningfully to the economy.

Reducing Emissions and Waste

Where there’s business, there’s waste, but environmental investing can help reduce its impact. When companies are thoughtful about their waste removal practices, they reduce their risk of liabilities and penalties for not following existing regulations: the fewer controversies, the better the business reputation.

Putting limits on the use of fossil fuels encourages companies to look to other, more efficient ways to meet their energy needs. This fuels innovation and, as renewable sources like solar and wind power become more mainstream, those costs could come down. On top of that, reducing waste is good for the land, the water, and the plants and animals that live in both.

Using Our Resources More Efficiently

Wasted resources also means wasted money, and businesses love saving money. Becoming less reliant on natural resources means that businesses are insulated from an often-volatile market. What’s more is that efficiency can reduce operating costs and disruptions to workflow. These things all contribute to lower costs and therefore higher profits.

Additionally, finding ways to use and reuse the things that already exist prevents wasteful spending and resource use. New ideas on how to make old business ideas and practices better can only help, and your investment in green mutual funds will help encourage this kind of bright thinking.

Falcons Rock Impact Investments Can See the Benefits

Your money could be doing so much more. A greener future means a better one for the planet we live on and for everyone, and working toward a more environmentally-friendly future can be good for your wallet as well. Learn about how to get started in sustainable investing, for you and for the world. Find out the next steps.