STEP 1 – Goal Setting (Investment Process)

Our model portfolios are constructed to deliver optimal returns for a given time horizon and level of risk. We utilize sophisticated forecasting and simulation tools to create portfolios that are well-diversified among various asset classes and investment styles.

STEP 2 – Initial Screening

We then screen thousands of mutual funds to find those that score well under the Morningstar Sustainability Rating criteria, in order to evaluate how investments are meeting environmental, social and governance challenges. We also screen for funds that have below-average expense ratios and high manager ownership levels, which are two strong determinants of long-term performance. Mutual funds are the best investment vehicle for prudent diversification and risk management.

STEP 3 – Performance Screening

We conduct performance screens on the funds that have good Sustainability scores to find those funds that have a consistent track record of superior returns relative to appropriate benchmarks and peer groups.

STEP 4 – Risk Analysis

Superior returns are only part of the story. We further screen funds for risk measures such as standard deviation, beta, Sharpe ratios, down-market capture ratios, etc. Our goal is to find investment funds that have delivered good risk-adjusted returns consistently over rolling periods of time.

STEP 5 – Personal Interviews

Statistics are not always conclusive. We conduct personal interviews with the select group of fund managers that we’ve identified in the first few steps of our process. We want to know how they’ve been able to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns to their shareholders, and understand their philosophy and attitude toward ESG investing. This is the most challenging part of the process, and our experienced team has a long history of uncovering fund managers that can successfully deliver good long-term results for our clients.

STEP 6 – Investment Selection

Based on our intensive fund research, we carefully slot the mutual funds into the asset classes identified for our model portfolios in Step One. Our model portfolios are then monitored by experienced wealth advisors on an ongoing basis to ensure that they are delivering the intended results for our clients’ accounts. We will personally make adjustments to the model portfolios, as necessary, based on evolving market conditions and rebalancing opportunities.

STEP 7 – Tailored Portfolios

After all this work designing our model portfolios, a recommended portfolio will be tailored to your time horizon and risk tolerance. At any time during this process, you may direct any questions you have to one of our experienced advisors.