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A job can be empowering and lead to upward mobility and self-sufficiency. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same opportunities for employment, and this leaves people who need help struggling.

At Falcons Rock Impact Investments, our portfolios include those organizations that take the time and money to do good things in the world. When it comes to the social impact of investing, employment growth is one of the things we consider. So, what goes into investing in employment?

  • Providing small businesses, that might not otherwise get loans, with access to the money they need in order to create opportunities
  • Job training
  • Employment opportunities for low and moderate-income communities
  • Distressed or underserved communities that might need help pushing toward empowerment
  • Focusing on economic development in Historically Underutilized Business Zones (HUBZones)
  • Identifying the needs of community members and providing them with opportunities and other resources to move forward in their lives.

It’s not easy work, and it’s often under-recognized. This is why we wanted to look at two organizations that we think have done very well for themselves, their employees, and their communities by providing opportunities, resources, job training, and other assets to people seeking work.

Twin Cities Magic & Costume

Located in St. Paul, Minnesota, Twin Cities Magic & Costume has been operating as a small business for 30 years. As of 2010, they had an annual revenue of $530,000 and employed ten workers from a moderate income census tract. They serve as one of the largest providers of costumes and accessories in the Upper Midwest, and their products have been used all over the world. They serve a variety of clients, including professional and semi-professional theatre productions, school theater groups, the motion picture industry, production companies, party planners, advertisers, and entertainers like magicians and clowns.

VetPowered Industries

Formally known as WFW and based in San Diego, California, VetPowered Industries was founded in 2009 by owner and president Hernán Luis Prado. His mission was threefold: as a veteran himself, he wanted to ensure that a stronger future was possible for veterans and their families; help veterans transition into the civilian workforce after serving, and meeting the United States’ demand for skilled manufacturers. The business is both Certified Minority Owned as well as Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned (SDVSB). VetPowered Industries provides state-of-the-art manufacturing, welding, fabrication, machinery repair, and customized training specifically for veterans who are transitioning into manufacturing jobs. Prado’s efforts don’t end at his doorstep, though: the products that VetPowered Industries makes and services go to support Workshops for Warriors, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping veterans, wounded warriors, and other service members move into advanced manufacturing careers by providing training, certification opportunities, and job placements.

Employment Growth with Falcons Rock Impact Investments

Everyone deserves an opportunity to use their skills and talents in a rewarding way, and being able to earn a living from your work is fulfilling. Making sure that people have opportunities to pursue is crucial to helping them survive and thrive. If this is something that you believe, we understand—we at Falcons Rock Impact Investments believe it, too. We want your investments to be good for you and the causes you believe in, so we screen our funds very carefully. You don’t need to choose between doing well and doing good: you can have both. Join other impact investors who are making a difference in employment growth, social impact investing, and other important beliefs you hold today.