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Impact investing isn’t just about big projects around the world. Sometimes it’s about making sure that a family has a roof over their head, or that someone who is elderly or disabled has the help that they need to make sure that they can live comfortably. No matter who you are, you deserve to have a place to live, and one of the many goals of impact investing funds is often to provide opportunities for housing. This can include, but is by no means limited to:

  • Making sure that housing is affordable for low- and moderate-income borrowers or renters in order to sustain a community and the people within it;
  • Keeping communities physically and fiscally healthy;
  • Providing housing and physical, social, and psychological needs for senior citizens and disabled populations;
  • Revitalizing previously blighted neighborhoods in order to foster new opportunities and growth;
  • Paying attention to rural communities so that they thrive and can sustain themselves

Here are three organizations and communities that are taking incredible steps toward those goals thanks to people like you who believe in investing in communities and people.

Casa de Primavera

CPLC (Chicanos Por la Causa, Inc.) Elderly Services and Programs is located in the Casa de Primavera Senior Center, which is part of the Casa de Primavera Senior Housing Community in Phoenix, Arizona. Their mission is to provide for the social and nutritional needs of the elderly, from daily activities to meals to case management services. Casa de Primavera is made up of 162 units in a low-income census tract designed for the elderly and mobility-impaired who are living below the Area Median Income by 30% or more. It provides spacious and well-landscaped grounds, an outdoor walk area, meditation garden, and senior center.

The Lofts at Seigle Point

Horizon Development Properties, part of the Charlotte Housing Authority in Charlotte, North Carolina, has completed the Lofts at Seigle Point. This is the final part of the Seigle Point HOPE VI redevelopment of what used to be Piedmont Courts and is a mixed-income family community. There are 190 units that serve residents at or below 80% of the Area Median Income, 38 of which are available to Housing Choice Voucher participants. The Lofts are near Charlotte’s business district, which provides relief to workers who need affordable housing and greatly benefits those who participate in the Charlotte Housing Authority’s Moving Forward Program. Amenities include a playground, tennis and basketball courts, a greenway, and a sheltered area.

Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority

WHEDA has been doing incredible work for rural and disadvantaged communities. Their 2007 “Homeownership. Your time is now.” campaign, which reached out to African American media in Milwaukee, Madison, Racine, and Beloit resulted in an increase in mortgages for African Americans seeking housing. In 2008, they launched an outreach website for homeowners that faced foreclosure and built up a loan pool through USDA Rural Development to preserve affordable housing in rural Wisconsin. It hasn’t stopped there, though: they keep providing Wisconsin residents and communities with options for housing and economic development. Whether they’re making it possible for low-income, multifamily housing to exist through the Rural Loan Fund or purchasing and repairing foreclosed properties through the Wisconsin Neighborhood Advantage Loan, WHEDA is clearly working hard to keep rural families sustainable.

Affordable Housing and Falcons Rock Impact Investments

If making sure that underserved communities have a good place to live at a low cost is something that’s important to you, Falcons Rock Impact Investments can help turn your belief into a real impact. Through carefully-screened funds and getting to know our clients, we work to see how your capital can benefit both you and the causes that mean the most to you. You shouldn’t sacrifice your beliefs to succeed financially, and we believe that money can do more. For more information on how your investment portfolio can reflect your beliefs on affordable housing or any other social issue, see impact projects in action.