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It’s true that 2016 was a challenging year around the globe. Despite how acrimonious things got, though, there was a lot of good done as well. A lot of that good was done through impact investing—and all because people like you cared. Here are just some of the things that can be done with money put into the right causes.

Making Food Sustainable There’s growing demand out there for food companies to be careful about what they produce and how. Investors are leery of factory farms because of how the animals are treated, how healthy the food is, and its impact on the environment. Green investing has resulted in changes in how food is produced, which has led to renewable energy developments, less waste, a phasing out of antibiotics in meat, and more interest in plant-based proteins.

Global Advocacy It’s one thing to put money into a cause, but another to see with your own eyes what that money is going toward. In order to deliver impact to investors, advocates are traveling and seeing new places to expand their outreach. Affected areas are getting the attention they deserve, and policies can be tailored to benefit them.

Hearing Shareholders Organizations are hearing what their shareholders want more than ever, especially now that sustainable investing is getting discussed more frequently. Through proxy voting on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues and talking about socially responsible investing (SRI) criteria, companies are listening. Investors have a great deal of power now when it comes to their concerns about a sustainable future and how they as shareholders matter.

Exposing Exxon Companies need to be held accountable for what goes on in the environment, and impact investors can help. As a result of people like you, the Department of Justice investigated Exxon Mobile regarding its efforts to mislead the public and its shareholders both about climate change and the value of its assets. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission also launched an investigation into claims about their resources. Trust is crucial in an investment, and keeping others trustworthy is something you have the power to do with your dollars.

So Much More There is so much good done with impact investing, whether it’s in green bonds for environmental projects or rewarding those companies that are socially-conscious as well. At Falcons Rock Impact Investments, we see a brighter future where you and the world can both benefit. Your investment portfolio can reflect your principles and help you earn money, too. Learn about our process and get started today on your impact investments.