Governance Matters: Support Companies That Support Your Values

When you’re deciding where to invest, you’re probably considering policy. You don’t want to support organizations that take illegal or unethical shortcuts in the name of money. At the same time, though, how can you really know? A lot of internal affairs can be closely-guarded secrets that companies aren’t willing to divulge, even if you’re a shareholder. If they can’t trust you, how can you trust them?

Falcons Rock Impact Investments helps to take this issue on by being a source that you can trust. We’re invested in making sure that the organizations we work with follow the very best practices—just like you are. We’re believers in transparency and ethics: ESG fund managers invest in companies that are open about things like their accounting procedures, executive salaries, and audits, which helps take the mystery out of the numbers.

Invest in Good Corporate Governance

Companies with a focus on governance also believe in hearing everyone’s voice. This can mean employing a diverse board of directors without conflicts of interest to oversee the organization, respecting the rights and privileges of shareholders as well as responding to their concerns, and it can go as far as avoiding political contributions, even if they would get something out of the deal. It’s yet another reason to consider ESG investing.

Businesses that are concerned about the way they run are going to be responsible and forward-thinking as well. These are the companies that have planned for the long term with regards to their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices, keeping in mind not only their internal affairs, but also how they relate to everyone else in the world. This concept even includes who and what they associate with—these are the organizations that take care and think about which relationships will align with their interests and values.

It’s a very smart idea to invest in good corporate governance. ESG funds have seen significant growth in recent years, and you don’t have to choose between your beliefs and your finances. Caring is in style now, and it’s high time that someone rewards those good corporations—and the good people like you who invest in them—for being so conscientious.

Start the Process

We have strict standards, and we stick to them. Falcons Rock Impact Investments believes in rewarding not only shareholders who stick to their beliefs, but also the organizations that espouse their principles and happily practice what they believe in. Your portfolio, our mission, and the practices of the places we invest in should all align toward doing good in the world. We’re all humans with human concerns, so let’s do what we can to make everything better.