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When we formed Falcons Rock Impact Investments, we made a commitment to donate 5% of annual revenues to charitable organizations that support our broader mission of investing for positive environmental and social impact.  We recently made this year’s donation and are so pleased to note that with the growth of our firm, our 2018 donation is nearly five times greater than last year!

This year, our donation was made to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). For nearly 60 years, the WWF has worked to protect the diversity of life on Earth and the future of nature through global conservation efforts organized around six areas:  Food, Climate, Fresh Water, Wildlife, Forests and Oceans.

As just one example of the work being done by the WWF, here is an excerpt from their website ( regarding our oceans:

“Our living planet is only as healthy as its oceans. These vast bodies of water cover more than two-thirds of Earth’s surface and are home to some of our most spectacular and treasured life. Oceans regulate our climate, produce half the oxygen we breathe, fuel the water cycle that produces rain and freshwater, sustain the livelihoods of millions, and provide nourishment for nearly 3 billion people.

But today the ocean’s reserves are overdrawn, threatening countless communities around the world with climate, economic, and food insecurities. Unsustainable development, fueled by human population growth, has weakened ocean ecosystems. Modern technology is accelerating the rate of change.

WWF is working collaboratively on the brightest conservation ideas that focus on building a more resilient ocean through sustainable fishing practices and protecting important regions, like the Arctic and threatened mangrove forests.

The problems we face go well beyond borders and so does our work. WWF is uniquely positioned to activate a global network of experts and activists to confront the world’s most pressing ocean conservation challenges.”