Rise Above

Finally, a way to grow wealth from investing in companies doing good in the world. Falcons Rock is an exclusive investment model managed by a private wealth advisor.

Tailored, simple and low cost.

Grow Your Wealth and Do Good at the Same Time

You might experience that overwhelming urgency to make the world a better place. At the same time, you want to protect your financial future by investing in funds that will grow and perform well. Falcons Rock Impact Investments marries these two desires together, making it possible to invest in companies that are making a positive social and environmental impact. We hand-select investments that demonstrate the environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles you hold in high regard. These investments are made available to you with a convenient online account opening process.

Socially responsible investing doesn’t mean you sacrifice performance. Corporations that have adopted environmental and social policies years ago have significantly outperformed those that have not. Click here to view the performance case study

Quick Start Guide

What is ESG Investing?

The increased awareness of sustainability isn’t just a fad—it’s how we will protect the earth’s natural resources for years to come. At Falcons Rock Impact Investments, we invest in companies that are mindful of their environmental impact and take measures to minimize energy use, pollution and waste. These are corporations that value natural resource conservation and avoid animal mistreatment.

If you knew how a company treated employees—whether good or bad—would it make a difference in your decision to invest your money? We ensure the companies that are included in our investment portfolios meet certain social criteria. For example, we include corporations that place a priority on employee health and safety and give back to the community, both with time and money.

When you are a shareholder, you want to trust that the company you have invested in is following best practices in terms of corporate governance, such as utilizing transparent and ethical accounting procedures and has a diverse group of board members with no conflicts of interest. We take governance factors into account and choose only the companies that meet our strict standards.

Our Expertise at Your Fingertips

Falcons Rock Impact Investments combines the expertise of a private wealth advisor with technology, meaning you get the best of both worlds. We carefully and methodically select sustainable investments with your values kept in mind. Although we provide a convenient online investing portal, you won’t lose out on that human connection. Our seasoned team puts time and attention to every detail of our investment portfolios.

Impact Investments in Action

What People Say

“We have the ability to build a financial services structure that actually supports the creation of universal human dignity and ecological sustainability.”

Amy Domini

Founder and CEO, Domini Social Investments, LLC

“We can’t wait…We have a planetary emergency.”

Al Gore

former Vice President, Nobel Prize winner, & green tech investor

“I feel real urgency for our society to solve our environmental problem and to solve our inequality problem.  I don’t think there’s any time to fool around.”

John Streur

CEO, Calvert Investments

“I passionately believe it is our responsibility to collectively work to minimize our carbon footprint.”

Nan Hayworth

Chairwoman of the Board of ConservAmerica